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Problems with your skin?  

Are you looking to get rid of problems such as dryness, oiliness and spots?

Kati Partanen

TwistBe and MySkincareCoach founder

"We have helped thousands to get rid of their skin problems and we can help YOU too."

Worried about the environment?

Worried about plastics and harmful chemicals in cosmetics? Want to learn how to easily read cosmetic product ingredient lists?

Susanna Laine,

TwistBe and MySkincareCoach founder

"We will give you practical tips to help you save money and find  the right products for YOU!"

Are you frustrated with skincare?

To peel or not to peel? Do I need to use a serum? Are more expensive beauty products better than cheaper ones?

Veera Brückler,

TwistBe and MySkincareCoach founder

"The sheer amount of information can be daunting! With our help you will have the perfect skincare routine."

Whether you wanted to get rid of a skin problem, save this planet from plastics, get some clarity to whom to believe in skincare tips or simply save money, you have the power to do so.

You just need to know HOW.

We get it. It's not easy to make good choices. Because marketing. Products. Being busy with every day lives.

But the good thing is we are on a mission to help you.

You can have the power to do this 

We are three women from Finland with a dream to spread good things to this world: kindness and respect to our planet, ourselves and one another.  

We are skincare pros so that's what we started with.

We believe skincare should be simple and affordable. We also think you should be able to use high quality products without having to compromise your health, the environment or your looks. 

We want to give the power back to YOU

  • Get rid of skin problems and find your perfect skincare routine because we have studied skin biology and cosmetic manufacturing added to our MBAs 

  • Steer clear of marketing gimmicks so you always get the best value for your money because we know how companies and marketing works

  • Make better choices by avoiding companies that value profits more than the environment and people's wellbeing because if you want this world to change you need to vote with your wallet  

So how can we help you?

We want to share our knowledge with you and that's why we launched MySkincareCoach Online course

MySkincareCoach is the world's first online course in skincare. Even doctors, estheticians and pharmacists trust it.

My SkincareCoach tells you everything you need to know about skincare: 

with that information you will be able to get rid of skin problems, find your perfect skincare routine and know how to make smart choices while shopping for cosmetics 

- and how to do this all by respecting our planet.

Over 670 women have taken the course and 99% said they would recommend it to a friend!

674 Reviews Rated at

" I feel like I’ve been the victim of advertising my entire skincare life.

I appreciate that there is no “hidden agenda” in MySkincareCoach course. You’re not working for a brand to promote their products - this course really opened my eyes."

There's a lot of information about skincare out there. You can find recommendations from magazines, blogs, forums and cosmetic retailers. But can you evaluate what to follow and what not? What's really good for you and what is not?

MySkincareCoach is different!

Nothing you'll find by googling!


Trustworthy professional unbiased information

Scattered and endless information

Clear and complete package

Information elsewhere

Aiming for you to buy more

Purpose to give YOU the power

If you want your skin to look beautiful, get rid of skin problems and make better choices, you need to know certain things about your skin. 

After all, you make decisions daily, that affect your complexion and skin’s wellbeing. 

Without a little knowledge on what good products are and what your skin needs it’s very easy to make bad choices and even CAUSE YOURSELF skin problems. 

Nobody knows your skin like you do

My SkincareCoach online course materials are released in weekly modules and consist of easy-to-follow videos, informative guides and practical tips. All of the training is online in our member only site where you can go through everything when ever and where ever most suitable for you.

You will also gain access to a closed Facebook group where you can get help to skincare related questions and follow the questions from other group members.  

How does MySkincareCoach work?


In just 15-20 minutes 3 times a week for 4 weeks you will learn all this and more: 

  • Understand your skin
  • Avoid mistakes people around the world do daily
  • How your skin works so you can work with it not against it

Skin biology


Lifestyle choices

  • How to change your skin's condition with lifestyle choices
  • Key things to know about stress management, exercising and diet
  • We teamed up with 3 wellness experts to share with you exactly the things you should know.


  • Practical tips on how to read cosmetic products ingredient lists
  • Learn which are the good products to choose and bad ones to avoid. 
  • Stop making bad purchases and start saving money

How to shop smart


  • Find the right skincare routine for yourself
  • Learn to be confident about your skin and skincare routines 
  • Unsure about your skintype? Feel like your skin is a mixture between several skintypes? We'll tackle these topics too!

Skincare routines



During the course participants will get a 20% discount on hundreds of cosmetic products that all match our values and tight product criteria for quality.


Estetician visit can cost you £150 or more. These are sometimes needed but if you change even one of those visits to MySkincareCoach YOU will get the knowledge for the rest of your life on how to treat your skin better.



The course pays itself back in no time:

Avoid even one expensive bad purchase and the course has paid itself back. During the course you will learn how to buy products that are right for YOU.You will learn how to use your money smarter.



Taking the course 

is risk-free! 

MySkincareCoach online course contains:

Ready to start a new era for your skin?

  • 12 videos
  • 13 inspirational chapters
  • 9 practical guides
  • Personal support in our private Facebook community
  • BONUS: One-on-One support from us to any skincare and cosmetic product related questions

We guarantee you won't be disappointed!


 Buy now for £69 


This offer expires in:

(Norm. £115)

Download YOUR FREE skincare guide!

Or want to have a taste of our skincare approach first? 

MySkincareCoach is an online course created by us: Susanna, Veera and Kati. After graduating with a master’s degree in business and working in various jobs, we studied skin biology and cosmetics manufacturing.

We founded a holistic skincare store called TwistBe in Finland and quickly realized that people kept making the same mistakes in skincare and we were able to help them! We also noticed that cosmetic marketing can often be misleading.

Why should you listen to us?


From this experience, we gathered the knowledge on how the skin works and how to best to take care of it.

“We believe that skincare shouldn't be complicated or expensive.”

We base all of the skincare knowledge we share with you on skin biology, customer results and the science behind cosmetics and their ingredients. 

Based on feedback we’ve received from hundreds of customers, I know that our material can help you as well.

Veera Brückler,

TwistBe and MySkincareCoach founder

“We are transparent, honest and on your side”

In addition to our MBAs, we’ve studied skin biology and cosmetics formulation and have a solid understanding of both how the beauty industry works and what the skin needs. 

We put together MySkincareCoach to help YOU understand what your skin truly needs as well as how to read product labels.

Susanna Laine,

TwistBe and MySkincareCoach founder

“We want to give the power back to YOU”

At the end of the day, no one knows your skin better than you do. This is why our mission is to give YOU the power to take control of your skincare! 

We want to make sure you don’t waste money on products you don’t need and don’t do what they promise.  

Kati Partanen

TwistBe and MySkincareCoach founder


"I was in a situation where nothing helped my red and irritated skin. Finally MySkincareCoach helped me! 

Just one week with a new skincare routine my skin started feeling better, and the long-term results have been truly amazing."

Heidi, 37

We promise visible results within days!

Heidi solved her problems by understanding how her skin works and by leaving out 2 mistakes she had in her skincare routine!

"The tips I have got have been really interesting and there was a lot my esthetician studies didn't cover. 

I wanted to share with you the difference I got on my skin after trying skincare your way for just one week."

Kate, 32

 You get simple unbiased answers you can trust!

Even skincare pros like esthetician Kate were able to find clarity to their skincare routines and get results.

"This course was such an eye opener. I can’t believe what kind of products I have been using on my skin! Many of them don’t actually do anything and some of them even harm my skin!

I’ve been amazed how some expensive products can be nothing but a chemical cocktail to my skin. I’m so happy that I took this online course."

Mia, 36

You will save money and make better choices!

You get trustworthy and research-based guidelines on what products are good for your skin, body and the environment.

"My skin changed for better already in 2 days with the tips I got! 

I had searched help from many different skincare professionals and spent hundreds of pounds on products but nothing helped until I got proper instructions from these ladies"


"Might sound corny but this course 

will change your life!"

"I have tried all my life to get my skin in good shape. I have always suffered from redness, dullness and dryness.

After taking part in MySkincareCoach and applying the tips in my skincare routine, my skin looks healthy and glowy for the first time ever in my life!"

Emily, 26

"I'm so happy with my skin now"

"I have taken this course and would highly recommend it if you would like to improve or learn about skin care. I have now changed my skincare routine and can see visible improvements. 

I love my skin now and feel that it is glowing and healthy."


"I'm finally happy with my skincare routine"

Going through the course is kind of like reading a book: you can pick it up or put it down whenever and wherever you like. You can access it by logging into the platform with with your mobile phone, tablet or laptop browser. 

It's easy and convenient. 

"The course is easy to access where and whenever"

MySkincareCoach online course contains:

Ready to start a new era for your skin?

  • 12 videos
  • 13 inspirational chapters
  • 9 practical guides
  • Personal support in our private Facebook community
  • BONUS: One-on-One support from us to any skincare and cosmetic product related questions

We guarantee you won't be disappointed!


 Buy now for £69 


This offer expires in:

(Norm. £115)

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